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group of young people receiving food and school supply

Who we are

Love United Connecting Children Worldwide, Inc. is a mentorship program developed to support and guide young children from diverse cultures around the world.

Our mission is to celebrate, welcome, love, embrace, provide for, nurture, teach, protect, and respect children as the precious gifts of God. Sadly, millions of children worldwide face unimaginable challenges such as hunger, poverty, abandonment, neglect, abuse, and even slavery.

Mission Statement

Love United Connecting Children Worldwide is a mentorship program committed to empowering disadvantaged children by sharing the gospel. By partnering with local churches, we provide biblical teaching and resources to children worldwide to help them achieve their maximum potential.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to unite children all around the world to the heart of God. We aspire to create a world where every child is empowered, and guided on a transformative journey toward a profound relationship with God.

a group picture of kids and adult